Thursday, May 31, 2012

SSC day 4 and Gala

Yesterday was a busy day full of things to learn about the square in a square ruler.
We had a lot of fun with Jodi Barrows and using her ruler as we did the Mystery Quilt. Each Mystery quilt is different.
You learned the  ruler as you made up the units to create your quilt.
square sets
Jodi explaining the blocks

Wendy Toye and I ( in reversed order)

Later that evening we had the Gala for the Challenge. The items were judged by a panel of 4 earlier in the conference. I was sew surprised when I was called up for 1st place with the Large Quilts.

The voting is on going for the viewers choice, sew we have no ides who that will be. .... good luck ladies.

now to go and pinch myself
in stitches

p.s here is a pic of the bra I made

The guest speaker tonight was Beverly the bra instructor for the 10 years of conference and bras were on topic.  ;)


  1. looks fun, congrats on the 1st place... I love the idea of making your own bra... so pretty too...

  2. OK I have never seen a square in a square ruler , hmm , sounds interesting and those blocks look great. Love the bra , is it comfortable ?Congrats on the quilt I am not in the least surprised you got first , it deserves it !!!!