Saturday, May 19, 2012

May long weekend

Sew far this weekend I have gone to work ( short day ) while hubby and friends worked the garage sale, they figured it has gone well sew far .... one more day to see what treasures go.Friday night was raining but today was sunny but cool.
Now I am getting a few things ready for tomorrows class with Monika..... I think we are sew lucky she is coming out to teach us. Pictures to follow I hope :)
Monday will be a day of getting the camper home and  ready for the Sask. Stitches Conference.
Sunday the 20th is the last day for voting on the McCall's Quilt Design Contest. Next week we will see who goes on to the first of the three challenges.
back to things needed to get done.....
in stitches

1 comment:

  1. I am so excited to drive out there!
    Please hide your cat. : )
    YES - lets take lots of photos!! : )

    ps- expect me any time after 12. Maybe 12:30? I'll show a bit early to set up.

    ~Monika K.